From the outside looking in I may not be the most consistent, but I sure am curious. And I definitely allow that to lead me, especially when it has come to my health and body and lifestyle.
Since it’s the beginning of the year I decided to take a chance on a creepy Facebook ad that popped up after saying something to Jessep about having more vitamins in my life. Facebook is getting weird, y’all.
I yell into my phone, like I am talking to them, so they show me specific things.
It works. It’s weird.

I drank Shakeology every.day for nearly three years – loved the way I felt and I got some abs out of it. I lost nearly 30 pounds in 3 months thanks to hitting it hard.
Full disclosure, I was a very active, business-building Beachbody coach from 2014 – beginning of 2017, after all, and while I did want others to feel the benefits of adding supplementation to their daily ritual, I really did feel amazing and healthy.
I am no longer coaching, but I had a phenomenal experience with not only coaching others but connecting with now some of my very best friends and working on myself – inside and out.
I’ll risk getting my hand smacked by the coach crowd, but I have a back stock of about 3 months worth so I obviously dropped the ball on my daily habit.
I backslid hardddd on my healthy habits after Shayne died and just never caught back up to making it a non-negotiable.
No blame game, I am a big advocate, with anything, if it’s priority – you’ll always find a way.

Since the summer, I have also been flirting with the drinking ketones kraze.
I didn’t do it for weight loss, just to enhance my human performance.
Hasn’t stuck.
I don’t necessarily feel like a energy-efficient unicorn. And don’t really want to ante up the $100+ every month for only a partial month’s servings.
It’s great, I enjoy them, I’m not selling it and don’t care enough about it at the moment to make it my end-all and shove everything else aside.
I am probably the worst to give reviews on this stuff come to think of it…
I’m a I-can-take-it-or-leave-it type. I get too curious about things.
My mindset shifts, my priorities change, I’m ever-evolving, I seek balance, I like trying new.

All that, are all well and good and great, grand, wonderful if it is working wonders for you. I am over here cheering you on if you’ve found the fountain of health, but I am also over here just like, ‘Can I just get a simple vitamin and drink a shit ton of water and yoga. Can that be okay? Can that be enough?’Β Ok? Ok.

Instead of shelling out $100+, I am trying this out.
$30. For a month’s supply, free shipping.
Sure, Facebook creepy ad, I’ll give it a whirl.


I actually went to their site, did some reading, did some Googling, did LOTS of stalking on their Facebook page in the comments section and that’s what sold me. A company with an attitude of abundance are my kinda folks.
It’s kinda what happened when I started wearing the THINX panties (they’re AMAZING. Curious? check ’em out: HERE).
My formula: Curious + Purchased = Love them.

Give me one month and I can be back with an unbiased-I-am-not-selling-this-stuff review.

Ladies, if you want to try them out for HALF OFF (whaaaaat. I paid full price for mine and you get a freakin’ coupon for 50% off), here’s a code: Ritual $15.
It’s a flexible subscription sign-up. The website is easy to navigate and you can delay or shut off your auto-subscript. any time. Easy peasy.
I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise. I need lemon squeezy.

What’s your priority with your health this year? Have you set any intentions or found any solutions? I find the best thing, for me, is talk to a friend – (or apparently, speak my needs right into Facebook) – who’s results (mental and physical) are the ones you’re after and go find out what they’re doing.
Hopefully they have an attitude of abundance and will share their secrets!

(If you do look into these vits, let us know!)




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