the desire map – free download

Just a quick and friendly share, friends.☺️
Saw this in my scroll this morning and wanted to pass along!

I have been consistently participating in my own personal development for nearly 4 years. As a previous online health and wellness coach, it was part of my job description and responsibility to keep my mindset fine tuned.
So, I read. And read. And keep reading.
This 20-minutes-a-day habit helped me more than I could have ever known, and it would eventually help tremendously after my husband died.
It has kept my mindset tucked in the right place.💛🌟

A dear friend of mine visited me my first year here at the beach and brought this with her.
She was working on it and told me, when I was ready, to buy it. She’s the kind of gal friend I take recommendations seriously!

I took her advice and started it last year and have read and steadily worked through THE DESIRE MAP by Danielle LaPorte —- this book comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those, like me, who may be at a point in their life where they are just tired (& burnt out & bored) with what can sound like shallow “#GOALS” talk.
Enooooough. Its not trending with me anymore.😶

I just wanted to know what the Hell I was supposed to even be doing. Where would all these goals I was creating, if any, lead me!?
I needed a guide back to my true north. A way to ease myself back into thinking toward the future again without Shayne.
This book helped me do that.
I carved out time, even if only 20 minutes, sat outside on my porch with my coffee and succulents and mapped my desires. Which eventually led me to create a “desire board” that is now one of our focal points in our bedroom. We’ll share those later!

How can I set goals when I haven’t even gotten in touch with my true desires?
Are YOU still trying to figure out what your true intentions or purpose is?


This, then, is definitely your book/workbook for Q1 of 2018…
its guided intention setting.
It has challenged me, and also affirmed what I have been feeling in regard to this widespread panic to be in constant pursuit of setting and crushing GOALS.

I’m setting and acting with intention, not just chasing the next benchmark, but a life I feel good living.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 11.27.27 AM.png
This link: DESIRE MAP DIGITAL BUNDLE she shared takes you to the free digital versions.



If you’re like me, and a pen to paper person with a workbook (upon reading the first half of the book, the second half is fill-in-the-blank prompts and it is your turn to “work through it” & WRITE/BRAINSTORM/JOURNAL), this is where I got mine (looks like they’re on sale!):



– caroline


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