connection vs. attachment

We were talking about connection vs. attachment and the epiphanies were pouring out of our mouths. Like a lightbulb had gone off in both our brains, I could tell we were thinking of all the experiences we have had – and finally realizing what it has meant to us.

There’s a difference, no? Attachment is temporary, and holds little weight beyond the surface. Connection is where the magic happens, the experiences are felt and lasting impressions are made. Attachment takes, connection gives. But, its like an oxymoron, we can’t be disconnected from ourselves if we want to be open to the full depth of experiences. You are as open to connection as you allow yourself to be.

We can certainly “fill the void” and superficially attach ourselves to people, places and things …but beyond just collecting tokens, we’ll never truly grasp the richness of any of those experiences and walk away feeling full because of the fear in connecting to ourselves.

What do we really want, who do we really want surrounding us and where do we really want to be? Grabbing onto and staking claim on everything outside of you won’t satisfy the basic need to be at home with yourself, will it?🏠💛

The way we relate to each other, thats what gives meaning and depth.

Thats when you know you’ve done some soul work, and found the open connection to you.

You lock it in with someone else who has also done the soul grind and it feels like a freedom to create a “home vibe” with them. Finally, I can bring all that I am and have …to us. It is gold. Anywhere we go, as long as we’re both there… is home base.

– caroline & jmag


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