life by design

Caroline not only shares my passions but she wants to bring them to fruition as well. Having someone that doesn’t look at me like I’m speaking a foreign language when I talk about my dream life is like having the key to the city. No mountain too high as they say, she’s ready for the climb.

Having a partner that gets you is one thing, but having one that wants to be a part of your ascent and what you do is another and rare. Not a business partner, a life partner.
When we talk about traveling, working from home, or creating our own work schedule, it hasn’t been just empty conversation, filling the room up with hot air. It resonates with me. I’ve had these chats in the past but it fell on deaf ears. It never felt right.

It is refreshing to have someone beside you that has similar aspirations, it doesn’t feel like such an impossible task to chase them. To have someone on the same path as me, to have our idea motors running, I don’t have to lay down so much of a map to navigate her to understand what I am talking about. Our frequencies are matched, our energy is synced. For myself it’s been a stumbling block I’ve tripped over all of my adult life. Watching others doing the things I’ve aspired to do. Deep down I always knew that things just weren’t aligned until I met Caroline. It is refreshing that we can talk freely about our visions, but we are starting to implement those into action and see results.

We’ve been Behind-The-Scenes-ing a whole lot of ideas and plans and goals for just the landscape of our next 30 days with our blog and rolling out our story, and what we want to stick our hands in.🔮

What we have realized is, the opportunities are endless to create our life by design, like an endless buffet. I guess it’s not so much a realization, as it’s a mindset shift.
We don’t ever have to stay stuck doing any one thing or feeling like we are handing over the keys to our precious time. 🗝 We’ve relinquished our time and power to too many jobs, people and places that we never saw true return and/or fulfillment from.

So we’re trying something different, something new, something that creates excitement centered around our time together with each other and our little family. Sure there’s a little fear involved, but just enough to keep us on our toes and engaged and tuned into the process.

We don’t want to just shuffle through our days, pay our bills and die.
Too many people do, and too many of our loved ones have. We weren’t brought through this, been through any of this, to come together and play it status-quo. So, we’re going all in not to. Your personal debts are wiped after you die, what’s the point in busting your ass and emptying your soul stressing about a job that will replace you within a month upon your passing. Any which way you slice it, we all expire. We might as well go running toward at least trying to live as the best versions of ourselves, with the best version of our happiness that we can create.

We’ve found that the closer we stay connected, talk (exhaustedly!) out our hopes, fears and desires… the more at ease we both are that this unchartered territory won’t be as scary as we’ve been conditioned to fear the unknown to be. Breaking out into the unknown can be incredibly nerve-racking alone, but doing it with someone who shares your passion for this purpose is LIFE-giving.
Decide what to do and go do it.
Believe it to receive it.💫
You won’t ever get what you don’t demand.


There’s been fear, to really step into our power with this whole thing, our story and our blog. But after setting a specific intention the other day, we really are not taking no from the universe as an answer to our desires. A life making decisions, or not making them, because of fear really isn’t a life we want to subscribe to.

So, our intentions are set. And we’re both on fire for transforming essentially the little we have… into something big. It’s dominated our conversations and actions. It has to.
So for the next 30 days, we are trading in uncertainty for certainty. Things will happen because we have already created a shift in our lives with the intentions we set and visualizing it all happening. Our sense of freedom is worth any technology hold-ups or dips in the valley.

What keeps me walking in inspired action is Jessep, my second chance. His trust. His trust in me, in us and himself. We don’t need a comfort zone. We are all the safety net we need, and our conviction to create a life we design. And the reassurance that I am his accountability and he is mine. We’ve both committed and ignited the flame. Now we just have to keep stoking it.


There aren’t too many other more exciting feelings than looking across to see your person with the same fire of intensity for our shared success.
Gulf oysters from Shunk Gulley + mocktails don’t hurt the cause either… cheers to 30 days of hustling for a LIFE BY DESIGN.

– caroline & jmag


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