why the secret?

What is all this? And what is the secret ingredient?

There’s a ‘je ne sais quoi’ about living life happy… fulfilled… joyful.
Especially, and specifically, in the aftermath of being devastated by a tragic event or circumstance.
We have all watched people, our own people, go through trying times and wonder, “how” they are doing it. How is that person even laughing, smiling, enJOYing life… and, simultaneously grieving? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Being joyful while grieving?
How can that be?
It’s our desires, our secrets, our WHYs. The WHY we are doing something or feeling a certain way. It’s the motivation, inspiration, reason, determination, whatever you call it.
It’s our self-preserving tether to finding and claiming our own joy of choice.
The joy that will eventually carry us upward and onward.

But most of us keep it, our why, a secret.

. . .

So, we met. Ours eyes locked, hearts connected. And felt & experienced, and are nurturing, something we’ve never experienced with another before.

And because of our individual perspectives we brought to our picnic, we wanna blow the lid off of how we are taking advantage of those perspectives that have given us 100%, all in, unlocked availability to enjoy LOVE + LIFE. Total openness.

And what do we do with something wonderful that we feel? Have discovered?
Like an amazing restaurant we found or good experience we’ve had, what do we do?
We give it away. We share it.
We tell people about it.
We let them lean in a little closer and share …the secret. The why.
Of our bountiful joy. Happiness. Smile.
We gush about the higher vibration we are on and striving to be on.
Because giving our goods away feels …good. Telling people our whys validates, and connects us.
We all have those secrets. Something, someone, somewhere, that has been the key to unlock our secret desires, whys and joy. Maybe one we didn’t know we’d ever unearth, and take with us to the grave.

So here we are, doing just that. Wanting and willing to share our secrets, our whys, with each other.
And this, this is all to simply grab hands to take people with us on our journey to figuring out what truly makes this life and love …rich.
Each experience exploding, oozing, with wealth.
Which, none of that was created without creating space within ourselves.
We are creating space, letting go of our shame, guilt, pain and disappointment of what this life has certainly served up… and making plenty of room to absorb what this life has to offer in spite, and be totally saturated in the joy of it.
Tastes, sights, smells, sounds, and most importantly, the secret of all this… the connections with people… everything amplified to the nth.

We both look at each other and know we are holding something special. Something rare. Something that most, including ourselves, have not experienced or …will.
And we want to promptly give it away.

. . .

The secret ingredient to us? To our life, love, where we live, the way we experience life and our lifestyle is… how we connect to each other. Our stories. Our truths.
Allowing each other to break open. Be honest.
In sharing, in being vulnerable and letting go… we give permission to each other and ourselves to lead in love. And not in a sit-around-the-campfire Kumbaya-ing way.
But practice what we so want this world to look and feel more like… compassion, patience, love and a whole lot of hope.

Starting with the person looking back at us in the mirror.
Then, our partners/spouse. Then, our children. Community. So on…

We don’t have the key to unlock all the secrets of this world and life. But we do have our own. And are finally looking at each other, feeling safe enough, valued and cared about enough, to open up the door and let it all go. We don’t have to throw away the key to a dark, locked room in our hearts. Not anymore.
We can give it all away. And still be loved for it.



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